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… still talking about Syllabus…

教學大綱 (Syllabus)


After week 5, I kept thinking of the syllabus, not only as a descriptive document,
but as a tool to support students in their educational adventure.

A syllabus for courses with an online component (fully online or blended) should be more flexible than the syllabus for traditional face-to-face classes, allowing students by more space for exploration.

The principles remain the same in any syllabus:

  • Specify objectives and outcomes
  • Selection of content and reading material
  • Establish a topic-driven course outline (often weekly)

I think every teacher should feel comfortable with their own proposed syllabus, which incorporates a “personal feeling”-syllabus and the way they communicate with students.

I collected the ideas and proposals of the Susan Ko and Steve Rossen’s book and suggestions for other books and the web, for this draft (described at the end of the table). Your input and views are welcome!

The draft proposal is attached as an Excel file (WordPress does not accept the Open Office .ods extension) OnlineBlendedSyllabus

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