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How to create better teachers? (w10)

Building and using Blogs!

(According to Dean Shareski: How To Make Better Teachers)

When you hear these statements you think of 2 possibilities:

  1. It is a provocation to draw attention? or
  2. It is an oversimplification of complex issues?

But it really attracted my attention (i.e. met its goal), especially because I think a blog is one of the most Web 2.0 tools can contribute to educational innovation.

It happens to me almost as much as Dean Shareski explains: When I discovered blogging for almost five years, I soon discovered its potential. Since that time I sat down to write different texts reflecting and sharing experiences, to express my point of view or interpretation. The depth varies, but believe me, this activity helped me to rethink it over, looking ideas and concepts from different perspectives. There are times I think this blog initially aimed to share my thoughts have been of great use to me. In my workshops and conferences recommend each teacher the use of blogs, a personal blog, a professional blog, a blog for each subject.

My personal experience with the use of blogs in face-to-face sessions are good. I usually summarize the topics described in class, answer questions and formulate questions presented in the form of polls. I examine these questions in the next face-to-face session.

(e.g. make a look to the blog of the course Introduction to Computer Science, 2008 (in Spanish)

The introduction of a LMS such as Blackboard or Moodle has reduced the use of blogs, but in this case I encourage students to create their own blog to express ideas and make comments related to the course content or comments on the activities of their classmates.

What we expect then?
Create your blog!
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